Explain that !


1. A Smart Toilet treats and shrinks the waste on site in a closed system ... in contrast, a WC  (flush toilet) makes the waste volume around 30 times larger.  As a result the sewage made can never be part of a sustainable process.  A Smart Toilet shrinks the waste volume by 98% and retains the rest for up to 40 years (usually 15-30yrs) without creating problems. That keeps the plant nutrients recoverable !

2. A Smart Toilet does not need frequent emptying ... that is emptying of the feces ... the filtered liquid, [once urine] is odor- and bacteria-free after a natural process called nitrification, and can be used like any commercial fertiliser, on lawns, around fruit trees, shrubs and trees ... however, the resulting liquid fertilizer is a broad spectrum organic fertilizer consisting of both macro- and micro-nutrients (especially helping fruits and veggies to get their characteristic fragarance, taste and nutrition, that signals to our body that it has received enough. Without that information we keep eating ... the US was first out using only chemical fertilizer which depleted the soil of those micro-nutrients and a likely result, the US has the largest population of obese people in the world.

3. A Smart Toilet does not use water ... neither for transportation nor for “flushing” the toilet clean.  The flush in a WC is for waste transportation not very effective for cleaning the bowl.  It is not at all necessary to use 30 times the amount of what we excrete, of drinking water, just to transport it.  Actually as we will show, it is not necessary to transport toilet waste at all !

4. A Smart Toilet does not need frequent maintenance ... just leave it in peace -- RIP

5. A Smart Toilet can not clog ... the opening into the tank is 10 inches

6. A Smart Toilet draws the odor down into the toilet ... through the process tank and out above the roof, where the odor from the ventilation chimney is more like mouldering hay.  Note that the odor coming out from the sewer ventilation, that every house has to have, is stronger and more pungent because of the anearobic [without oxygen] nature of the sewage...

7. A Smart Toilet requires only cleaning of the toilet seat ... the rest is accomplished by a combination of design, ventilation and optical illusion showing ... nothing!

8. A Smart Toilet does not offend any of our 5 senses ... never any odor, nothing unsightly, has a pleasant timeless design, is quiet, the seat is pleasently warm to sit on ...

9. A Smart Toilet does not transport toilet waste... it is treated and stored on site.  A very rough proportion between waste transportation cost and the cost of treatment is 10 to 1 regardless the kind, solid or liquid waste. Avoiding transporting waste  results in substantial savings, both for people and the environment !

10. A Smart Toilet does not pollute ... neither locally nor globally

11. A Smart Toilet does not contribute to kill our oceans ... world wide nonprofit org. Oceana says that sewage is by far the largest cause for why our oceans our dying ... this is especially true for the Baltic Ocean.  It is the sewage discharge in Stockholm, even after sewage treatment that is responsible for the the dead sea bottoms along the stretch from Nacka Strand where the two main sewage treatment plants Henriksdal and Käppala have their discharge. Of course it should be said that without sewage treatment it would be even worse, much worse but it also shows that we cannot fix the problem with the same strategy that created it ... the use of sewers !

12. A Smart Toilet doesn’t cost a fortune ... a sewer connection in localities around Stockholm can cost a home owner up to a miljon SEC

13. A Smart Toilet is better for the user and better for the environment !

14. A Smart Toilet makes a usable ORGANIC plant fertilizer without chemicals added ... chemical fertilizer only replaces what makes fruit and veggies big and colorful ... not the micronurients that boost fragrance, taste and real nutrition ... EXHIBIT ONE: a supermarket tomato does not smell like a tomato, does not taste anything [at best] and does not provide real nutrition !